New Ranking structure


Thanks for your thoughts, @OutsidetheBoxHK.

I have been watching Zulutrade for years and certainly do want to see them improve and grow in a healthy & sustainable way. Previously I had put more effort into discussions and even had my ranked trading account available on Zulutrade but even I stepped away as I am tired of the massive uncertainty about where Zulutrade is going, what their priorities are and when everything will happen (if it ever really does). We currently have no idea about how ranking will work, how initial capital will be assessed or how a whole range of other metrics will be determined/weighted. Hopefully Zulutrade figures it out soon so that the high quality veteran traders can be ranked fairly and be able to be consistently profitable for their followers and themselves (and Zulutrade) over a long period of time.

I will continue to occasionally check in to see how Zulutrade is progressing and, if it makes sense, I look forward to being much more active again–both in the forums and also deploying at least one of my top tier trading systems. Meanwhile, I hope the best for you and the others here.


couldn’t have said it any better myself.
I have wondered for over 6 months now what it will take for them to actually respect us enough to implement some of these most important changes to the platform in a timely manner. It has been far far too much waiting.
I have asked senior traders and other brokers “Is it just laziness, ignorance, or that they like the amount of money they are currently earning from running their whole site/platform this way”?


New ranking structure is a great deal.


Seems to be functioning more efficiently…I do find variations in the drawdown computation a bit wierd though. :neutral_face: