New System with 10% weekly target


**Strategy: ** runs 15 automated systems across 20 seperate instruments to balance risk and drawdown exposure.
These system have had significant backtesting and forward testing and have constantly proved profitable.
Systems are swapped in and out based on performance.
The number of systems running at any one time will vary.
These systems have shown good returns over difficult trading conditions.
I may add or remove systems or system instruments at any time to maintain the best performance.

  • None of these systems use Averaging, Martingale or Grid.
  • All systems have thier own seperate stoploss (SL).
  • The strategy is protected by drawdown protection currently set to 10%.

    The weekly target is around 10% profit, this will vary though depending on market conditions. We have seen the tail end of Brexit, and a new US president, so markets will move slightly differently that previous years. We also need to come out of the pandemic, but looking at the stats the vaccine(s) are working as expected so a return to semi normal may be on the cards.

Its still early days on ZuluTrade but results so far are looking good. January was a difficult month as always and some risk adjustment needed making in early February.

Thanks for looking and as always Happy Trading!


Great end to the week/month. 3% today, 10% target hit for the week … all systems shutdown now … will fire them back up on Sunday for the open.

Thanks for looking and as always Happy Trading!