No Traders With Demo Accounts Please


Dear investors,

There are many traders on zulu who use demo accounts to be a signal providers for live investors accounts which is very risky, how can a person with a robotic EA on a demo account opening 100 positions be serious in trading, they don’t risk their own money my friends, and we follow them blindly, what I feel about zulu is that if they are really serious about growing internationally they should only allow genuine traders with live accounts to be signal providers for live investors accounts.

If you agree please like/share/comment so that it reaches zulu and thus they can do something about it.


and also a “minimum required equity” to follow a strategy if the provider makes that designation.
To prohibit followers from duplicating trades in another account or on-selling / on-copying for very low cost!


Great idea and because they are live accounts investors pay half their profit on every position taken, but if a position looses they still pay a designated fee, regardless, the trader/provider makes on every trade taken,also the trader gets to vet the investor before letting them join their trading strategy, just to make sure they have enough funds, equally like this post if you agree.


@AAAI1894626F - I understand your point of view and would agreed with you if the playing field is given to everyone, but this is not the case since the US Traders are getting leftout in the cold. The only way we, as a US Traders, can participate using a “Live Account” is to get a demo account because of a guideline set forth by the committee. Now, I was lucky to get a live investor account elsewhere and attached to my Trader account. That’s the closest thing I could do. I know it’s not the same, but given the situation doesn’t meant that you are not serious because you are using demo account.

I have seen a lot of live accounts that comes and goes in a few months and demo account that is here to stay. They makes better progress than the live accounts.

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This is not how my profile is set up.
Are there ways for providers to choose these options like you have mentioned?

  1. higher than 20% performance fee on profit sharing?
  2. volume fees (per lot) even in months below the High Water Mark for profit sharing clients?
  3. vetting investors before gaining permission to join as follower?

Yes of course I agree. It is the manager who should manage these very important options to protect the profitability of their strategy.


Demo accounts are nowhere near the same as LIve accounts.
The hugest factor in successful and consistent profits in trading is psychology and emotional regulation and with Demo (fake money) this factor is completely left out and therefore is much easiser to hold trades for a longer time when this would be much more difficult with Live Money.


That’s true, and I agree with you 100%.


Very true. There is no way investors can rely on strategies that are not proven on real accounts. Traders who want to be signal providers should adhere to pre-set standards by the management, in order to filter out low-quality losers. After all, some strategies can work on demo and fail to produce the same results in real accounts


ZuluTrade should have a quality program. Here should be a place for professional traders only.

To be a signal provider a trader should be using a live account and have at least $ 1,000 in balance.
All demo accounts should be deleted.
All inactive accounts should be deleted.
Performance statistics should be shown in money, not pips.


The site needs cleaning. I suspect that the vast majority of traders that appear in search results are inactive and demo accounts. This only tarnishes the image of Zulutrade.


And supposedly these changes are in process.
But we shall see if this is true and how long it will take to be completed.
The Ranking Algorithm here on Zulu is TERRIBLE.
There are much better algorithms that have proper weightings of performance metrics that are calculated in a much more trustworthy way on PsyQuation and Darwinex (they call them investable attributes on this platform) and SimpleTrader.

zulutrade management is already in process of changing the whole measurement system.
measurements on drawdown, profitability, etc will all be based on equity. which is how institutional traders and fund managers all work.

see their comment below, written just this week: