On US Compliant Trader Accounts - Some suggestions


I request @ZuluTradersDesk to note the following observations concerning US Compliant Trader Accounts:

A trader that strictly follows one trade FIFO standard with a maximum of only one opened position obviously meets the US Trader Accounts Compliance requirement. However, it appears this is not the case. ZuluTrade system seems to penalize an account when a pending order is closed at the same time with an active position as seen in the MT4 snapshot below on 2020.01.21 11:10:00.

The Account name is: FIFO 1 Model

This account was removed from the US list. This appears to be an error that should be corrected by @ZuluTradersDesk.

Thank you.


FIFO compliance analysis should be done with active positions and trades, not with pending orders.


Wow. Thanks for the heads up, since I am running a one-trade system too. Please report back on the outcome.