Order Flow Trading


Dear all,

we are 2 traders from Spain working together in the same strategy. We trade focused on EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs. The analysis is based on Order Flow.

What is Order Flow?
The Order Flow of markets is what truly causes price to move. While trading we are constantly analyzing the volume executed in futures of Euro (6E) and Pond (6B). With this analysis we search for specific levels with relevant volumes where to open a BUY or SELL trade with low Stop Loss.

The management of the open trades is manual, we open trades manually, not by an EA. However some tasks are automatic, e.g. set automatic stop loss automatically after entry, move automatic trailing stop, etc.

We always use stop loss in all our trades, which mostly will be lower than 20-25 pips. Sometimes we could open more than one trade in the same pair, moslty 2, and maximum 3 positions in the same pair depending on the Stop Loss assumed, and the situation.

The objective of opening multiple trades (2 or 3) is to close partially the positions with differents scaled profits (+5, +10, +15, etc.). Here you can see an example:

We are ne in Zulutrade, but we have more than 10 years experience trading. Our target is to create a long and profitable for followers track record.

You can analyze our strategy and follow here: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/381880/trading


We would like to welcome our first follower. Thank you very much BLBU1866364F for your trust.:smile::smile:



The expectancy is to have a rebound to visit the liquidity zone marked in yellow, where we have a big accumulated volume. It 's a rebound of around 25 pips.

During the asian session the EURUSD has created a support zone, with interesting future volume:


As you can extract from our trading history, the most important in the system we use it’s not how much we can win, but the opposite: how much we can loss in case the trade goes negative.



Hello Flow Lovers!

Welcome on board. Your info looks very interesting!
Please keep updating the users. This would great!



Summary 07/february/2019

Today we have suffered 6 consecutive negative trades, because of volatility mainly. However this shouldn’t be a problem for a system that manages accordingly the risk. We use very tight stop losses, and that’s exactly the reason of this 6 consecutive negative trades: we use stops. The worst trade was only -15 pips.

By using stop losses we can continue working in the next trade, with new different opportunities, and that is what what happened. After these negative trades we had 2 positive trades that helped us to recover:

It has no logics to trade without Stop Loss, or to work with a 200 pips stop loss if you aim to win 10 pips. Using a stop loss is the difference between being profitable in the long run, or being profitable temporaly until crashing the trading account.




Yesterday nigh, and today morning we have suffered 2 additional negative trades.

Why? because we use Stop Losses always. Stop losses were invented to be used, and using them is something important. Using stop losses means that would be very difficult to have 98% success ratio,



Summary 08/02/2019

We have traded 6 trading ideas, one negative, and 5 positive.

With this we close our first week with +204 pips and 1 follower:

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Happy weekend!!



Very high volumenes detected in EURUSD, strong resistance.


Today by the morning we have published the detection of a very strong resistance in terms of volume.

We have traded with this level, up and down, until we get a good performance from it, with sell positions.

With this new positive trades we are in +325 pips, adding today more than 100 pips with scalping, and using tight stop losses in all out trades.

Unfortunatelly, we both feel little sad as our first follower decided to unfollow our system after 3 days, just before to have the chance to recover a very small draw down. Some people should think about what trading means, and waht a correct money management means before to start following someone.

It’s difficult to demonstrate something a a trader if the follower has not enough patience. This is a long term adventure, the performance must’t be measured after 3 days, but after 5 or 6 months.

We encourage the followers that decide to put trust in our system to have paience, and to wait for the benefits to come after a mid-term period of time.

Have a nice trading!



Good performance guys. You should have a “gut” to do the intraday hunting you do. I am also a trader currenctly at 154 rank. I did notice that you have a good tradind behaviour and don’t insist on losing positions as most of the traders do. That’s a cool gadjet you have for analyzing volumes at different levels. Does this come with a traidng platform or is it something custom?