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Please place comments here if you were not able to submit them on my social feed.
The Zulu system bans things that should not be banned.
And it allows abusive and hurtful comments that should be prohibited.

OTB “banned” Comment #1

I tried to post this today:

"Pay close psychological attention to things I point out. It will lead to greater profitability over time if you are willing to put in the hard work like I have done. Some great posts from my followers on my Ratings tab that explain the common mentality of traders who would like to blame their fund manager for losses they have experienced:

'A lot of haters out there, who obviously haven’t configured their account properly and allowed room for drawdown. Yes, there have been some unnerving moments during OTB’s trades, but the same can be said from absolutely every single other trader I’ve followed. Limit your maximum open positions etc. if you need to, but don’t complain when an improperly configured account blows up in your face. I have made a good return so far from this trader and am confident I will continue to do so. Plus, he has the manners and the balls to respond to his follower’s questions and comments. That is rare and goes a long way in my book. ’

‘Is managing big DD well and patiently explaining the basics of risk management to some followersa who don’t realise that for high potential gain, you need to be willing to take a higher risk. Experienced trader.’