OUTSIDE THE BOX -- Ichimoku Scalping


I’d like to introduce myself and my consistent and profitable manually-traded strategy, and to learn as much as you’d like to learn about my background and experience…

Outside the Box - Ichimoku Scalping (Multi-confirmation & Probability based)

I have been quite transparent and communicative on other Forex Forums, social media, and Social trading sites about my trading and my personal life, if you would like to dig for more information… just google “outside the box hk”

I have surpassed the tipping point in my professional fund management career, with sufficient trading income and Assets Under Management now to support my life and family entirely by trading. This achievement has been a labor of love since 2004, as my first profession was as a Mathematics Teacher and Professor. Since 2016 I have been trading full time and building my track record and trading skills. Devouring all the videos, books, and first-hand testimonies I could from successful traders.

Having done extensive training in quantitative modeling and predictive statistics this has led to great success now in my trading. My interest was drawn by trading strategies from phenomenal traders such as: Ed Thorpe, Joe Lewis, Bruce Kovner, Michael Platt, and the lesser-well-known Jimmy Balodimas. From this research I gradually developed a multi-confirmation, day trading, probability-based edge/strategy.


High probability TimeFrame Synching w/ MACD, Stochastic, RSI, and the Ichimoku Cloud indicator as well as understanding market behavior in each session, market makers strategies, and momentum/flow. Focus is on “mean reversion” and “trend following” indicators.
Candlestick Patterns for double or triple confirmation for entries and exits. Price action (velocity of change and shape) with five main currency pairs: AUDUSD, NZDUSD, GBPUSD, GBPAUD, USDJPY

Risk Management of Strategy

Stop losses only used during risk events and times of uncertainty. Mental stop loss will be activated after 100 to 120 pips. Only on small positions will I rarely allow a loss over 125 pips. Never to exceed 5% loss on any single trade. Once drawdown from All time equity high over 10% or one trade reaches 5% loss I will hedge or scale out.
If drawdown from equity high surpasses 15%, position sizing will decrease until a recovery is well underway. Maximum drawdown is 20%.
This risk management allows my volume/position sizing to be maxmised, determined by: hit rate, average win, average loss, and profit generated over the 18 months since inception. The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Strategy also uses this statistical method of growing capital at higher rates.
Total open exposure of all trades is maximum 1 lot per $10,000 master account balance. 400:1 leverage.
I scale into positions with a basket of trades when the setup is more favorable. The profit target is usually 0.3% to 0.5% (or 10-15 pips), but I judge sentiment at the time.

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Some of my other achievements online can be viewed at my Blog

Please just Google my trading name or visit my Twitter account to see what else I do in the forex space online


@OutsidetheBoxHK Welcome on our platform!
Your performance looks amazing!
Looking forward to your contribution!



Welcome to the forum, and good luck.


Hello! Your performance is looking great, but the stats on your profile miss the high/low of each trade! (shows 0/0) . Or for some reason they dont appear to me.
Good luck


My account is still not fully active, approved, or with complete trade history.
The traders desk says that everything will be approved and completed soon.
Thanks for your interest and patience. All will be working smoothly soon.


Please see the overall track record equity curve for this strategy, and following that is the monthly profits for 2017 and 2018 since the beginning of this strategy in February 2017.




Tracking with my testing account…Well done for the 1st few days.


ZuluTrade engineering staff is working on loading my complete trade history of 690 total trades since July 2017

and then the hit rate will adjust down to 94% hit rate which would reflect the total trade history for this strategy. ZuluTrade has to import these trades from Mt Cook in a special way and said they need more time on the weekend to do this. We shall see how quickly it is updated. Important - because I want all followers to see my real trading history and statistics.


OTB, your results are from another world and your advance on ZT is outstanding I,m glad to see your success story is going from strength to strength.
One thing I will say is your open positions should only be view able to live subscribers, thinking there is a time delay on open positions, if any of your trades are negative beyond your open after they are displayed, it would be worth anyone opening a position as your strike rate (of profit) is very near guaranteed, does this make sense?, other than that, I think it’s time I conceded, you would only knock me off the top spot when I got there, its a good time to be an investor though LOL, good luck, (like you need it) MCT


I fought my battles long ago, in the trenches, when no one noticed me and people would ridicule me.
So now that my strategy is consistently proving those naysayers wrong, now to be honest it doesn’t really make any difference to me.

I still live in a world where people are cruel, selfish, greedy, deceitful, and unscrupulous. And you can read in my first forum posts on Donna Forex that I first sought to bring forex a success story that was not built by hurting others or by sick behavior

Let’s just say I am very glad I don’t have to work in a 9 to 5 job anymore (since 2 years ago when the Head of School terminated me without misconduct) and have to do as they want and they say… all going down the hole of “seeking what humans these days normally seek”
I want to seek self actualization, sustainable behavior, sustainable living and relationships, truth in all its forms, and in the end the God of my understanding (especially around this Christmas time of year).

-----Hide your dream in your heart, and never give it up. Nurture it, think about it, plan for it, take tiny steps each day towards it. But keep reminding yourself who you are… a champion. Keep reminding yourself that the world can be good if each person is good.----- OTB



As of today, I am tracking you on my real investor account. Not sure what is your maximum opened trades, but I set as 8 trades on my side. Happy Trading and let’s makes some pips. :wink:

Emerald Trader


10 accounts. and 32095 pips. 22 months.
I could reach up to 10 maximum trades in a basket but this is VERY rare and usually only use this risk management tactic on High Risk strategies.
Since this strategy migrated to ZuluTrade is a low risk one, your 8 max trades is fine.

Glad you took the plunge, and just know you are not alone. Here is a good summary of my stats and total for all my strategies in one clear chart.


:smiley: Thanks for providing your stats. Looking good.


ZuluTrade needs to be transparent and open about what happened yesterday.

What all has been affected due to their technology error yesterday?

Their system went down yesterday and I was doing my absolute best to contact technical support and understand what was happening technically on their end and make sure all my trades were received as they have promised to do for all of us. They have not told me either what happened or what they propose to do for me and my investors.
I am flat (no trades) on my master Mt Cook account.
4 profitable trades on Friday (last day of week

It seems that my latest closed trades have not been added to:

  1. Total pips
  2. profits earned by investors
  3. total investor number is not increasing now
  4. Zulu rank is not updating
  5. My profile photo has now changed from “approved” to “unapproved”


A tip for the profile picture. I have noticed that when i update my description and hit save, the system does accept the text changes but it discards the picture. So when i update the text, i reload the pic again and then its ok! As for the system going down, it has happened sometimes as far as i am in zulutrade, and that can be a problem for day trading. Personally ,to avoid getting in any trouble when this happens i just set a hard tp and sl in every trade…
Zulutrade is reliable place and you are a good trader, so that should be matter of time for the stats, history data ,etc to settle.


Wishing you the gifts of the season —Peace, Joy, Hope, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love.

Thanks so much for a productive year and for placing trust in my strategy.

This is the time of year when we all pause and remember God who gives us life, loved ones, and the power and wisdom to build wealth by doing what we love.


Spread the word :smiley:


Here is the drawdown history of my strategy on the current master account since July 2017

This low risk strategy began in Feb 2017, so if you want to see the stats and history from the first master account: LOOK HERE


Hello! Your performance is looking great,Can you explain your trading Strategy more clearly?