OUTSIDE THE BOX -- Neurofinance -- your brain & trading



I see more and more trolling everywhere, people pretending, deceiving, hiding, fabricating, manufacturing – all in an effort to manipulate and hijack the perception of individuals or groups or society as a whole.

Isn’t the truth good enough for you? if not, why not?

Now going so far as to say the dreaded regulators are coming for me.
Yea, as if.
Please go see a psychiatrist and learn why you think and behave the way you do.
Potentially this could be a panacea / goldmine for you. Mine your gold.
For traders – it’s called NeuroFinance.

Neurofinance is an emerging field of research which aims at improving the micro foundation of financial decisions, through the exploitation of an interdisciplinary approach that merges economics, neuroscience and psychology. Neurofinance is a very young discipline. It tries to relate the brain processes to the investment behaviour. Most of the research in the domain of neurofinance focus on trading behaviour. It would be interesting to explore the workings of the brain for other investment behaviours too like personal financial planning decisions, etc.

We all know “don’t feed the trolls.” Here’s why that’s smart and compassionate.
If you want to keep it simple, just remember that “haters gonna hate, and trolls gonna troll,” and there’s nothing you can do about it except starve them.
The broad context is that there are people always looking to feel offended about something. They feel good when they’re outraged about something, maybe they feel good ONLY when they’re outraged. I don’t know about official psychiatric definitions, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s addiction.
Jonathan Bernstein talks about the “outrage trap”. It’s a method bad actors use to manufacture an activist group, usually for corrupt purposes. Since there’s little fact-checking these days, they can make up whatever they want, and there’ll be outrage addicts who’ll fall for it.