OUTSIDE THE BOX -- YOU WERE WARNED! System-wide collapse – and my clients will be happy


US Treas Sec Mnuchin to speak Monday with Fed, CFTC on financial markets.

A Secret War Occurring Since The Death Of George H. W. Bush

This is huge news in the secret world of finance, because Pell was the person in charge of financial matters at the Vatican and thus was a secret controller of most world government leaders, P2 Freemason and CIA sources say.

Rumors everywhere that control of the global financial system is in jeopardy.
SWIFT, the US-created financial payment system, is being challenged by other countries and global powers.
I would stay out of USD-based currency pairs until the dust settles. We could be in for a tremendously volatile Forex Market in the next 2 weeks.
Debt Jubilee?
Stock Market further collapse?
World War 3?
All are on the table.


Flash crash hits the currency market - OTB CALLED IT

Apple news started the selling… then dominoes fell.

At least my “outside the box” nature is causing me to think in a way that is making money for me and my family and clients.
I just made some of the best trades I have ever made because I sensed it.
I had some big positions on AUDUSD sell, moreso on my high risk accounts.
But my 1200 clients all are happy I didn’t give in when nasty people air their comments without really investigating things on their own and then only communicating their ideas / opinions in a polite and kind way.