Pair XAU/USD positif in pips but negatif in dollar $


I using demo account to trial copy of my trading performance in bonitafx.
I see the pair XAU/USD . the history make me a question. I have profit in trader account but there are many pips. but in performance of foloower is minus in dollar
WHY? how can this is different?
Some body may be can tell me about this program.


Bei traden mit XAU/USD entstehen Transaktionsgebühren. Sollte die Transaktionsgebühren den Gewinn in Pips übersteigen - wird Trade negativ geschlossen.


due to slippage (master to follower latency)
and spread (if master and follower are using different brokers, different spreads)
The spread at Mt Cook on AUDUSD is 12 pips – but most other brokerages will not offer such tight spreads on Gold.
If there is either low liquidity (or permanently wide spreads at your broker) or slippage between master account and follower account, then this also can mean exit price is different between follower and master.