Please change the slippage view: consider commission


the slippage view for a trader has a very much big difference for brokers which charge a trading commission and that one which don’t charge it, only have a spread. Coincidentally, the ZuluTrade owner AAAFx have a commission, so it looks much better for it.
Because of that, the slippage view for this trader shows for AAAFx a slippage of 0.23 pips, whereas FXCM UK has a slippage of 1.83 pips.
But AAAFx gets the most of their earnings by the commission (9 € per standard lot for each opening and closing a trade + very low spread dependent of the currency pair), whereas FXCM UK has only the spread, so the spread for FXCM UK is much bigger.
I’m aware of it’s probably difficult to consider this difference in the slippage view, for example because the ZuluTrade backend must check which broker have a commission and which one don’t have it.
But in my opinion, this view misleading, so please improve it.

Thank you,