Problems on using website at Safari/Iphone/iOS


Hi Folks,

Does anyone else is experiencing problems with closing/updating TP or SL on ZT website under iOS on Iphone/ipad ?
It seems like problem is with refreshing website since around two weeks. Once flight mode is on and website stop refreshing i can close and update trades with no problem in ZTP.
Problem has been highlighted to ZT team already. Im just curious if there anyone else struggling with that. No matter what browser under iOS i pick its still the same.



Die ZTP reagiert sehr langsam unter Windows 10 mit Google Chrom und bleibt ständig stehen. Die Seite bricht auch ständig zusammen.
Alle anderen Webseiten laufen ohne Probleme.


I do not know, but as for me it seems that everything is completely fine no matter what here. Which version you are using ? Or it doesn’t really matter ? What will you say ? As for me all is fine as I am repeating this. I bet it’s already solved but I am still asking this.