Profitable Oil Trading Systems


Commodities exhibit characteristics that are quite different from Forex. Therefore, they deserve a special attention.

The objective of this thread is to enable investors who are interested in trading oil to easily locate a profitable oil system. If you are trader and you have profitable systems trading on US Oil, UK Oil or Brent Crude Oil, kindly post them here. In addition to the main objective, this topic will also help others to study oil trading and how profitable or risky it can be.

Please, let’s all obey the rule - It must be a profitable oil system. An oil system with stop loss, take profit and a good risk-reward ratio is preferable.

Thank you and welcome.

Check this oil system; It has been profitable for one month. The maximum number of opened position is two and this will be maintained:


Check the results of this system. It has run profitably for 4 weeks. Let’s hope it will survive all the crises in the Forex and commodities market and remain profitable: UK Oil Model


Profitable for 5 weeks. Nice curve. Check the results: