Profitable strategy, low risk, real profit 20-30% month


Hi everybody.

Dear friends, we are pleased to offer our new fully automated robot that trades in all 28 major pairs on the Forex market + some CFD Index
Expected profit about 20-30% per month
The strategy is based on a change in the market trend and uses many indicators, so you will often have a drawdown of about 10-20% over several days, and the MAXIMUM DRAWDOWN - about 50%, but after closing the position (1-7 days), you will get a good profit , have patience and be a winner))).
Recommended Settings:
MARGIN (1:500,1:1000, min 1:200)
LOT size:

  • 1 lot, minimum deposit 50k US dollars (100k US dollars recommended)
  • 0,2 lots, deposit 10k US dollars (20k US dollars are recommended)
  • 0.1 lot, deposit 5k US dollars (10k recommended)
  • 0.01 lot, deposit 500 US dollars (recommended 1k)
    AVG TRADE TIME – 3-5 days,
    AVG OPEN TRADES – about 20, WINNING TRADES > 70%,
    MAXIMUM DRAWDOWN – up to 50%,
    The whole strategy is based on indicators, so StopLoss and TakeProfit are used only to protect against any types of pumps and dumps or economic collapse)))
    Recommended minimum trading period is 1 month.
    Medium risk, high profit strategy.
    (also check our other low risk and medium profit strategies)

Warning: note, never trade with an amount greater than the amount you are able to lose !!!
Trading is always risky, not depend on strategy.
Currently we are also developing robots for a pair of BTCUSD (coming soon)


The robot is really profitable, tested for a long time on a demo account. Real average profit is 20-25% per month. Each currency pair has its own settings. Soon there will be updates and some more optimization of the robot to achiev a constant profit of 30 - 40% per month.
The deposit for a minimum risk is $ 500 (recommend 700-1000 dollars USD).
This is a medium-term trade strategy, you will not see good profit in 1-2 days (for this we have another strategy), the minimum recommend term to use robot is 2 weeks, prefer 1 month.
When you are making a choice, keep this all in your mind, and you will get the promised profit.
If you have any questions, suggestions, offers or a good mood, then comment))).


When you say that expected profit about 20-30% per month and minimum deposit 50k US dollars (100k US dollars recommended) it will sounds too good to be true and unachievable for many many people out there anyway no matter how you put it.


We tested and optimized the robot for many months on a demo account, and now we started on a real one. We did a great job.
So you can check whether it’s true or not by following
Deposit 50k - means a set of orders of 1 lot
5k - 0.1lot
$ 500 - 0.01
So, possible start even from 500usd

In addition, if you have 5K and your deposit is increased to 10K during trading, 0.2lot will be set automatically. And so on.