Pyramiding profits by Pyramider


Hi Guys, I want to share with you my Signal Providing system - Pyramider. Link:
Here we can discuss about my trading style and so forth. I am registered here as a Zulu Account - demo but I seriously approach the subject of trading. I have 3 additional real accounts and this one is a real copy of my pyramiding account. I am a professional so no worries about large drawdowns. Once I open second Order , all is set to BreakEven. If market goes in the right direction, I add positions (even to 6-7) just to get profits increased geometrically.
I play all the time with 0.1 lot, despite of currency pair but according to my experience you should replicate my trades with below rule :

every 200-300 USD Depo you should open 0.01 lot so if you have 3000 USD you have to set 0.15 lot for replications from my trading plan.
In case of any questions feel free to write here.



@Pyramider You are welcome to Forum. However, you are yet to post you link. Kindly confirm that your link is: