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My name is Michael. Experience of trading on FOREX since 2006. Plans and goals for the future are getting Appointed representative (AR) status in the UK, managing investors’ accounts in a legal framework through managed accounts - MAM accounts. In the future, we plan to transform the company into a hedge fund. Trading decisions on the system are taken on the basis of an analysis of intraday currency charges for futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). Trade is carried out both on a trend and on turns. Trade is manual, not an adviser. Trading is carried out both on a trend and on turn, for currency pairs - GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF. For every trade, a stop loss is required, take profit is rarely set, most trades are closed manually. The maximum drawdown per year is 30%.

Now you can copy my trade on zulutrade. Here I took a long time 1 place with a volume of assets of more than 9 000 000 USD and the number of subscribers about 6 000, but due to problems with a broker 5 years ago I was forced to leave this resource for a long period of time. Also, the popularity of this resource began to fall. Now I see that zulutrade is gaining a second life and assets are going up strongly. Plus, there were added 2 ways to pay the client to the signal provider, to choose from, or 0.5 points from 1 lot (100,000) or 20% of the profits.


Hello Michael!

Welcome on board!
Your past history looks promising.
May we ask if the overall stats are the final?
i.e is you max open trades 18 or more?

This would help your potential Investors to understand better your strategy!



what was your trading name back in those early days?
what was the issue you encountered with your broker?
What did you learn from your time as a successful signal provider here at Zulu when you had $9,000,000 assets under management?


Hello Michael,

It’s hard for me to understand why someone with your experience is trading from a demo account. Not possible for you to trade in a real-basis with for example $1000?



So many claims here that need to be backed up with evidence.
Not being rude, but many things here just don’t add up.



In the future, more than 18 trades will not be open at the same time. This is the maximum that was. On average, this is 5-7 trades simultaneously open.




I understand you. It’s not a problem. Be sure to signals will be connected to my real account. The first time I wanted to see how the service began to work, I see that it began to develop again and people began to invest funds here. This makes me happy. Soon I will connect a real account when I am fully verified.



She is still in the ranking. Here is a screen shot of its parts.




If you were trading here in 2014, then you should have known me, the description of the strategy remained before anyone who followed my trade at that time remembers. At that time, I had a total management sum of 20 millions USD, and here there were 9 millions USD. During this time I optimized the system, it became more reliable and stable + a large number of clients were there and I began to spend a lot of time talking, answers to questions, I had less time to spend on trading - it killed me + the broker began to do bad things, my real The bill at that time was 500 000 USD and tied here. But I was able to correct these errors, optimize the system and now, for April 2019, I have about 7 millions USD in management.

On April 18, 2019, my system " Managed Accounts Program" is on the 196 th place.



Excellent results for the month. Moving on.




The fifth month this year brought us excellent profits, showing the following results.

System “Managed Accounts Program” + 1343.1 pips




Thank you for your interest in my trading.



For July 2019, the system received a negative result - minus 247.1 points. Thanks for investing in my system.



Demo account.
Try trading the same way with real money. And then we shall see what your ROI is.



Excellent profit was made for August 2019, the following results are shown:

Trading system on ZuluTrade “Managed Accounts Program” + 1203.0 pips



Are you seriously? I would recommend that you debug your trade and not get into my house. What you have done for your customers is very bad. There will be a demo account so that customers have less slippage. I have the same results on real accounts.


trading a real account psychologically is completely different than trading “with no risk” in a demo account. All your subscribers lose real money, different from you who only lose virtual money. I have done this many times before, and it is a completely different performance record for real accounts vs demo accounts LONG TERM.


Better engage in your trade. What are you bothering me? You urgently need to contact a psychiatrist, otherwise you attack everyone everywhere (in many forums). You have brought huge losses to your customers. It would be better to be silent than to indicate what and who needs to be done.



@Managed_Accounts_Pro @OutsidetheBoxHK Guys please, we will be forced to delete all your last comments. No need for conflicts here.




Today is a great day for my systems, a great profit.