Reaction of followers during drawdowns


As i am reading the comments of followers of high ranking signal providers, i see that people is worrying too much when price goes against them. I would like to help these bad feelings with few words( for inexperienced people in the forex world)

Nobody likes a drawdown but this is a daily part of the game that anyone involving in forex must learn to accept. More over, i think one must learn to accept a loss. If a provider says that maximum X drawdown can occur, then a follower must be every day prepared for this drawdown before any wins, psycologically and practically, because the most probable is that someday it WILL happen ( even in the best trader in the world). Also, hunting the recovery immediatly after a loss is another mistake many new traders do. As the saying goes, “there are is no bad weather…only bad clothes…”

Just my 2 cents
Green pips to all and happy weekend!


Wise words of wisdom and advice to investors. Drawdown is part of what we do. There are no perfect systems, you’ll have to accept the good with the bad. Hitting maximum SL will happen no matter how you trade.

You (as an investor) should understand (before following any trader) that when a trader said in their profile “SL is set to 150 pips”, that’s is the maximum loss for any trades that was put in. Of course, all traders will try their best to prevent it from happening, and bring you the best profits possible.

Emerald Trader


Many traders get heart-broken when they are faced with drawdowns. However, every trader must always be prepared for the worst, even as you work to receive the best. It is normal that a trader will hit the maximum stop loss at one point or the other, but that should never discourage one who is determined to win


this is Trading 101.
learn to control emotions.
live to fight another day.
And follow your trade plan no matter what followers say.
Follow risk management plan.
Record all your trades and their statistics. Reflect constantly and learn.