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I start this discussion to see if it is possible to make money as investors. I have searched many blogs for stories of people who have made real money following traders and I have not found anyone who say have won money and shows their results. Has anyone consistently won?


Good morning DM2029202F.

In regards to making money, it is possible. Now you must do your homework/research. I am a signal provider here on Zulutrade and have many investors following me BUT, the biggest mistake investors make is they want to invest and make money but, they want to start with $300 dollars. Now lets be honest, if your investing with $300 dollars and your paying a monthly subscription that might not cut it. Depending on your leverage, your broker might only let you open trades of .02 or .03. It will require some time and patience to grow that account but most important, that account would have to produce alot of equity (monthly) just to cover that monthly cost from the signal service.

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Yes you can but you really need to have trading experience, I have spent hours looking for traders then weeks demo testing them, also I go through every trade in there history looking at draw down, I will tell you what to stay away from the guys that open 20 trades at a time is just a joke all they are doing is commission hunting and here is how i look at it. let’s say i am on a mini lot about $1 per pip the trader goes into a 50 pip draw down that $1000. And when look at there history most these guys go into a 200-300 pip draw down. Have a look at the Risk Reward most these guys will go into draw down of hundreds off pips for a 8 pip win.
In a real trading world a trader has a plan with with Stop loss and Take Profit and a risk reward of minimum 1/1 and will only have a hand full off trades running. They are here just got to find them. last thing all traders lose it’s part off the game so don’t be scared if who you are looking at has losses I would tend to be more scared off them guys with a 100% profit cos it’s not reality.


I completely agree with what you said. Now keep in mind, I am not looking to follow anyone since I provide my signal service to Zulu-Trade investors myself. Before I ALWAYS get into a trade, I go in with a plan. I look for targets, where my Stop Loss would be and potential pullbacks. If any of my trading rules does not add up with the trade, then I don’t take it. It takes a lot of discipline from someone to stay out of a trade even though they know that at the end the trade might actually turn out to be profitable. I started keeping up with a trading journal which helps in situations like those. Hope my feedback has provided some good information, and feel free to ask me anything as I enjoy talking about forex very much. Take Care & happy trading.


Have u tried different Zulu brokers, which one is on top of your ranking?


My broker is not a Zulutrade broker. Not that there is anything wrong with the broker but, I have been with my broker for some time and they are heavily regulated (which is a good thing). Keep in mind, one example is, some brokers do not allow the scalping method, others don’t allow hedge trading, along with many other things. You must do some research on brokers and most importantly, pick one that will fit your trading needs and not put a hole in your pocket by charging you too many fees in my opinion. Hope that answers your question.


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Hi @DM2029202F,

Yes you can make money as investors here on ZuluTrade, even with a $300 account for that matters. All it comes down to is researches and monitors your trader(s) that you picked. DO NOT set it and forget it, thinking that it is an Expert Advisory (EA). You’ll have to keeps an eye on it every day and makes changes, if necessary.

I am not going to lied and said I am the best trader out there, or this/that person is the ultimate trader. Everyone has a good and a bad day at trading. We all has ups and downs in our trading days. We all have a good and bad day. You can doubled your $$$ in one day and puff goes the account the next day. That’s the nature of the beast. Especially if you don’t manage your account very well.

Drawdown (DD) is part of all traders, everyone will have them. Some traders will advertises low DD to attracts investors, but when it comes to winning results it’s not as good as it seems. You want to looks at the growth of the traders’ account and how they trades. Are they closing positions in a positive or negative side? What Method are they using? EA or Manual trading? Are they trending in the positive direction? These are the things to considered. Hopes this helps.

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what you explained is very important. :+1:

it takes good knowledge and experience for a trader to trade properly.

those who allow up to 300/400 pips draw down should be able to downaverage. however to let 300/400 pips drawdown means the trader have a problem with chosing the entry. the fact is the trader should admit that his trade entry can be wrong and therefore the trader should set a stop loss according to risk reward per trade.

i learnt not to down average as i chose the trade entry and do not reitterate my opinion.

as for diversification :
there is nothing wrong if based on reliable analysis and account management.

example :
my account has 500$ equity and a leverage of 1:30
my position size is of 0.01 per market trade

i can enter up to 12 different markets

the allocation for each trade is 100/12 = 8.33% of the the maximum stop loss i use is at 100 pips, with the leverage of 1:30 , the maximum risk per trade is 8.33/3 = 2.78% .i
as i am interested to achieve a low draw down, very good diversification plays a very good role to achieve low drawdown and better reward. as soon as drawdown is concerned: not the losses are the risk but the drawdown, therefore drawdown vs. reward : a successfull trader should have a monthly return bigger than the max drawdown.
very good diversification plays a very good role to achieve low drawdown.
in average 5 to 7 trades (i am a medium term trader: 1W to 3W average holding time per trade) when the first trades move in the expected direction, off course i can add new trades when available and still keep low drawdown.

i explain this by presenting my opinion for both traders and investors.

i just open an account after few years abscence.
i don’t know if my account is alreaady visible.

first results will be available by friday.
i will be glad to get some investors from early time.

Kind Regards to All



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