Risk Return Ratio


I think it is essential for any analysis to look at the Risk Return Ratio of a trader. This ratio, combined with the winning percentage of the trader allows us to properly determine their potential success in the future.

For example if a trader on average receives 35p from their winning trades, and loses 26p on their losing trades, then you divide the two numbers and their RR is 1.34.

Currently we have to download the excel sheet, and then average all the winning trades, average all the losing trades, and then divide them to find the ratio. This is simply wasted time.

Please add this to the statistic overview and it would be even better if we could filter traders using this stat.

The Average pip statistic simply does not provide enough info on its own.


Hello Sir!

We aware of this. We will include this factor in the short future.



Oh that’s great to hear, thank you.


Great contribution and this will definitely improve the level of statistics available to investor to make better informed decisions. Bravo :clap::clap::clap: