I made profits for my investors in the month of February in PIPS and EQUITY amounts.
BUT… 2nd month in a row that Zulutrade declined payment due to their "Signal Providers Services Agreement


I feel very powerless to protest this 2nd even more ridiculous reason to decline payment to a trader who has earned Zulutrade a lot of commissions and who has brought a good strategy to the platform and whose equity curve is at HIGH WATER MARK. Honestly, this policy must be changed, as it means that in months when a trader actually generates profits for the Master Account, for investors, and for Zulutrade, it is withholding payment to the trader who is the sole generator of these profits.

Now this is the second month consecutively when ZuluTrade quoted fine print in the “Signal Provider Services Agreement” that actually are not reasonable when you consider Money Management, best practice in the Fund Management industry (response from partner at Mt Cook Financial below), and actual profits for all the parties involved over the space of 6 to 12 months.
See equity curve below!!!
How can these profits not qualify for trading fees for the trader??
There is no way in hell that this is Risky Trading

  • January reason: As per article ii, paragraph #4, “For each specific calendar month that a Signal Provider presents a negative Total Monthly PnL performance in pips, the Signal Provider will not be compensated. Total Monthly PnL includes unrealized PnL deriving from the end of month evaluation of the Signal Provider’s open positions.”
    See month of January at link above in equity terms. All trade copying and fund management platforms will still pay the trader in this situation.

    • Cost to Trader: $ 3779.24 USD
  • February reason: As per paragraph #4, Signal Providers who introduce high risks to their followers with the inappropriate trading behavior will not be compensated. Inappropriate trading behavior occurs when the Trader allows for his max draw down percentage to exceed 100%, or when his open trades have larger than usual draw downs, or one of the trades reaches -700 pips
    See month of February at link above in equity terms. All trade copying and fund management platforms will still pay the trader in this situation.
    Cost to Trader: $990.31 USD

This is the very reason the platform has so many disgruntled investors, relatively poor traders who ZT does not retain for longer than 6 to 12 months. In February the trades mentioned were USDZAR trades at 0.01 lots size and they all closed in profit and comprised below 1% risk. This is NOT risky trading, in EQUITY terms or in Money Management terms.
My PIP gain is now higher than the High Water Mark set from December when I was paid for the last time. Both January and February my payments have been declined, totaling $4769.55
My equity is now at new High Water Mark as well.

Mt Cook firm - partner — response to my email as copied above

Hi guys,

Antonis, I agree with Greg here. I confirm that he is not a fly by the sleeve manager here, who is here to churn accounts. He is a professional manager who trades for a living and manages his clients with care and quality. I can confirm that he is managing many happy clients here at Mt.Cook as well.

I would strongly recommend making an exception to your rules below, to ensure that he is paid these commissions.





So far I know zuluTrade performance is based on PIPs. So, You should measure everything based on PIPs.


Yes its all about making pips so complaining is useless.


That is too easy. A EURUSD pip is not equal to a USDZAR pip. The same for EURNOK, EURSEK, USDNOK and USDSEK.
The ratio is not 1:1. More 1 : 15. Zulu Trade would actually have to adjust this in the calculation of “Risky acivity detected”.


His followers lost more than $ 195.000 and he wants to get paid that doesn’t sound fair.


I’ve already responded to this comment many times if you care to read my social feed on my profile and in the forum threads for my signal.
It is impossible (and this is very accurate) that those losses were incurred as a result of my closed trades on the master account, as followers were using different risk management and closing trades prematurely, not adhering to the strategy I am managing as the strategy provider.

This is clear by the current overall equity chart below. At or very near to high water mark.



Thankyou for letting us know.

no wonder he wants to comment on other threads to save his own ass.


Zulu trade works purely on the basis of pips. So instead of complaining, you should measure your performance too based on pips. If there is a policy that many traders are in agreement of the need to revise, then it should really be revised. But this wont work if youare the only one who isn't favored. Maybe you are just unlucky


zulutrade management is already in process of changing the whole measurement system.
measurements on drawdown, profitability, etc will all be based on equity. which is how institutional traders and fund managers all work.

see their comment below, written just this week:


how you doing @PROFITMASTERFX ?
massive pips and equity now eh.
Don’t see any “save my ass” in my equity and pip performance – much more glory to come.
you’d be better off focusing on building your track record and consistently profitable strategies than trolling on my excellent threads. I had to keep silent and do the same thing 2 years ago. Do the work and speak later.

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