Rothenstein Trading - the result of two decades trading


Dear Madam, dear Sir,
I am a seasoned trader located in Germany, with experience in almost any tradable product, including futures. Over ten years ago, I put my focus on Forex, for the reason of the unbeatable liquidity and nice, trending behaviour. My trades are purely technical, manual, with a strong believe in price action, as the ultimate information. Due to my experience, I have a large tool box of strategies, from which to choose the best approach for every market situation.Originally I am the typical day-trader, who holds only cash overnight, but opened a second branch some years ago, where I trade positions from days to months, like a hedge fund.
Today, I see the benefits of both approaches and am impressed, how well both work in tandem, to create a nice and smooth equity curve, with only short and flat drawdowns.

After mastering the technical things, I am very proud, that I can now offer the combination of both strategies here on ZuluTrade.

Rothenstein Trading

Please take a close and critical look at my strategy and judge upon the things you see!
If you have any further question, please feel free, to ask me here!

P.S.: I am working on listing both of my other strategies here on Zulutrade soon.


Dear Rothenstein_Trading!

Welcome on board! Please free to share any further updates about your strategy!



I just realized, that 1000 pips are regarded a mentionable achievement by some people.
Maybe, you haven´t seen it already:
Looks like 2019 is on track!
Best Regards, Rothenstein Trading


It seems a bit tough, to get recognized on Zulu, but I am confident, that good trading will finally be recognized!


Rank 100 ! Traders love round numbers.


Gratuliere, sehr gut und konstant. Schön, dass es echte Trader gibt hier.


While I am very happy about steadily climbing rank, i feel today very flattered and thankful:
Zulu Trade interviewed me for their serial:
“Meet the Experts”
I had the chance to describe some keystones of my trader biography and strategy. If there is something you want to discuss, or have a question, you´re welcome!
I can talk about trading 24/7. If you let me place some orders in between… :wink: