Rthetrader2 - trader for small deposit


I don’t wont to say here nothing special. I build my own profil for accounts where investors don’t have a big deposit. I trade only one trade at time and care about SL. Of course I work on my trading skills to improve it week by week. I think trading with me is safe as it is for me income source. And you can see it on my profil.



Looking good. Keep up the good work. Tracking from my testing account. :wink:


Great. I think it’s quite safe to use only one trade. It is also easier to control deposit on account with a few traders in portfolio.


After few months of testing new system I got rules which works. You can see it from October 2019.


Again few moths behind me. If you check results of my trading in this time you will see nice improvement. I still trade only one trade at once to let invest people with even small deposit. Unfotunatelly I see a lot od traders who open 10-20 positions at the same time. WIth huge Stop Loss. It can empty account very fast. That’s why I care about trading with only one position and SL not bigger than 200 pips, usually much, much less. Now I go into SL max 100 pips. As sentence says: " Cut Losses & Let Profits Run".


In my trading I protect deposit by max 2 trades at the same time. But in 99% of the time only one trade open at th same time.
So if you don’t have a big deposit or if you want to invest more lots per 1 trade you can consider my trader profile.