Settings on following someone - I feel stupid



I decided last week to follow my first trader. I’ve chosen the fixed method and set up 0,1 lots (mini) when I followed this person.
Today this trader has opened two trades. Each with 5 lots and on my account two similar trades with both of them 10 minilots, meaning one lot each. This is really weird. I thought I
A) Either copy this person with factor 0,1
or B) Trade like this person just with 0,1 lots or 0,01 lots (since in the settings screen when you follow someone there’s also written “Lots (Mini)”.

Why did I trade like this person with 10 minilots instead of 5minilots or 1minilot or even 0,1 minilots?

So I want to know: If I follow a person with 0,1 lots does it open a trade with 0,1 lots every time or is the factor 0,1?

If it is 0,1 minilots all the time then why did I open 10 minilots and what does the ProRata setting mean?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

~ Maximilian


Hello Maximlian!

Let me help you with your question.

This pertains to the fixed monetary amount that will be traded in your account for each individual position placed by the Trader, irrespective to the asset traded.
e.g. You have selected 1 micro lot. If the Trader places 2 mini lots in his account, in your account, 1 micro lot will be executed in your account.

Pro Rata:
In this case, you trade in proportion to your Trader. This means that for each individual position placed by the Trader, the monetary amount that will be traded in your account will be the specified percentage of the amount the Trader selected for himself.
e.g. You have selected 50%. If the Trader places a 1 standard lot trade in his account, then a 0.50 standard lot trade will be executed in your account. If you have selected 100%, then you will copy 1 standard lot.

I hope it is clear now :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

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I have read this, but can you help me with this what does it mean and what do I have to do in order for auto trades work normally without getting this kind of messages?

New trademessafe received at 8.45: Did not open buy usd/eur because from trader XY. The trader opened 0.01 std lot(s) and based on your pro-rata settings, the equivalent lot size in your account was bellow the minimum lot size requirement.

Thx a Lot for your help and please excuse my stupid question but I am totally new and trade before on eToro(do not try it!).

Best regards,


Hello Andrej!

You like to copy trade the Trader XY with a 10% pro rata.
This means you are asking to copy each Trader’s trade proportionally by 10%.

However, if this Trader is using 1 micro lot (0.01) in his strategy, you won’t be able to take the specific trades (1 micro lot) as there are not smaller positions than 1 micro lot. Right?
This is the issue.
Therefore check what kind of position management he is using and then decide your copy-trading strategy.

Andrej, there are no stupid questions. :slight_smile:

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