Shooting star traders and what i ve learned from my losses


It’s very easy to get over-enthusiased as a trader here in zulutrade platform. You can go to top 20 relatively easy , then real money starts to follow, and if you get there, you are worrying not only for losing trades but for your ranking also. Once you are up there you want to stay there… I ve been there so i know:)
I will not discuss how shooting star traders fall one after the other… every individual knows for him self why his great performance suddenly failed…
For myself my mistake was that i should have run the strategy for at least a year in private mode and then make it public for investors. A year is a minimum to try your self and your strategy, get used to it, stick with it and don’t get in the temptation to tweak it.
I am currently doing this in a private account that is doing good, but unless is stable and profitable for a year i will not make it public.
Good luck all!


Thanks for sharing this, it's quite an eye opener. Actually, every trader is out to win from his strategy, but losses are part and parcel of trading, just like in every other business. The important thing is to learn from the losses, just as you have, and know that your success can't be permanent if you don't keep on improving your strategy building


I don´t get your thinking. You mean, you should test privately, if you are really a trader or not? No one cares, how you do it, but you have to be 100% sure, that you can handle investor´s money in a responsible way, like it´s yours, or even more, BEFORE you offer a strategy here. Or am I wrong? And please spare me from the importance of losses. Denying losses, is just like denying to exhale.


There are too many words to understand something more from just common sense you are trying to post or to repost there. But nevertheless we are all learning from our mistakes and that's how it works and no way another really.


Fx Sailing weekly is your blog or something like that ? Do let me know. I do not see how it’s really getting done out there. And yes Forex is not some sort of guranteed income if that is what you mean there anyway. I do not see anything new in your post, but let’s wait out.