Short term swing trading strategy


Hi. I am the trader behind Walfx Trading . At the time of this writing I am here for 26 weeks with a return of just over 43%. I had ceased trading for about 9 weeks to attend to some national commitments. Therefore, for 17 weeks I would have been active and the ROI would be reflective of that time frame.

I am a manual trader as I think it is more effective as I can be flexible as the market is dynamic. My aim per month is 10%+ however if the market is a little bit difficult for the month it may be less. Risk management is definitely in place and losses are not left open endlessly to ruin the account.

The style is short term swing trading. Trades can be open for hours to three days or four days max. There is scaling into positions when required. With this strategy I trade forex only.

Feel free to join with a demo account and evaluate the performance.


Walfx Trading