Simplified Settings for non EU Users!



Non EU Investors Settings Became More User-Friendly

Portfolio setup has become easier so that non EU Investors can have even more quick access to trading!

What has changed?

  • Follow Traders and Traders’ Combos has become easier
  • The Global and EU Settings’ Interfaces have converged and especially the Global Settings are now simplified.
  • No custom/auto mode, simple set up of your portfolio!

Let’s take a closer look at the key changes in terms of User Interface.

Non EU Investors may now Follow Traders with just a few clicks:

  1. Define the funds you wish to invest on the Trader
  2. Specify the follow mode (fixed or pro-rata)

and you are done!

Advanced Settings are also available for those who want to go one step further…

  1. ZuluGuard Take Profit and take profit notification
  2. ZuluGuard mode (fixed or trailing)
  3. Define the number of max open trades

Clear, easy and user-friendly! :slight_smile: