Slow but better, for starters with small capital


We Trade at Night to get Steady Pips and Manage for best Results. Scalp Strategy
For now we open up to 10 Trades, any Trade has TP and SL .
For Investors with Small Funds , best start with Minimum 150$ at 0.01 Lot
We Check the Daily News if it is good to Trade or not.
We prefer to have a predictable SL instead of waiting a few days for the trade to make profit or loss. Because that’s gambling.
Remember, Forex is always at risk. That’s why money management is very important…

Wish you many Green Pips


We Upgrade our Night Scalp Strategy , less TP per Trade for safer Trading , but more Daily Pips.

Like other NightScalpers , sometimes only 2 or 3 Trades , now we get more with lower risk.

Check it, start tonight.

From 10.01 - 30.01 we get 190Pips, I think this is a good way.

No risky Activity


It is advisable to sometimes watch the trades from outside, which is a good show if you trade at night for scalping and to make steady profit. Money management in forex trading is very important, considering the risks involved. Thanks for sharing your slow but sure strategy