Social Trading from the United States


Does anyone here trade from the U.S.? I am new to social trading and like the idea a lot. But, I am told that there is no live trading allowed from the U.S. Is there any way around that, or any platforms that can be used from the U.S. with live money?



I am also interested in trading live from USA. Any experienced traders let us know your views.


I am a US Trader, there is a work around with getting your account to work with ZuluTrade. I am using one of the offshore broker (registered with them outside ZT), but since the end of December, it got sold and taken over by another company. Now there is no option to create a new ZuluTrade linked account with them.

Emerald Trader


@DM1802994F @DM1914097F - Checkout FXOpen, looks like they are still supporting US Clients. But you’ll have to register with them directly, not through ZT.