Social Trading on ZuluTrade with magickaito


Hello everyone!

I hope you have a good time here on Zulutrade.
Let me introduce myself. I am the trader “magickaito” here on ZuluTrade and i believe one of the most successful traders with my unique KI Trading System in the past few month here.
I want to use this topic to talk about trading with you people and share my results.
Feel free to ask me anything and if you want to follow me, my link is:
If you follow me, i recommend you to follow at least with 600$ for 0.01 Lot in forex and 0.1 in the indices. This is a setup that allows you to follow all trades and keep your money safe.
Lets talk about the trading day:
Actually today is very successful for me and my followers. We earn a lot of money in the US30.
I am very surprised about this long run of weakness in the USD, my KI System gave us already three signals in the opposite direction but yet they are running negative. Lets see what happens in the next few hours there.
By the way, here is our trading performance today. This is a live screenshot from the results right now of todays trading.

Best regards,