Starting capital to live independent from?



im very interested in zulutrader and following good traders.

Im curious how much do I need as starting capital, to make a living from the profits independently from work?

my guess, 100K euro are enough?


ممكن. حسب توفيق ربك الله بالحظ والنصيب ورزقك الذي كتبه الله لك الله يحفظكم


is there someone who speaks Russian?


@DM1981602F: Of course, 100K euro is enough. However, you need to understand the dynamics of Forex, risk management, money management, right lot sizes and leverage. You should select a Trader with low draw-drown, few maximum number of opened positions, low Necessary Minimun Equity and a good position by ZuluTrade ranking. Otherwise, 1million euro will not be enough, if carelessly handled. (Any amount can be lost in Forex). These are just suggestions and recommendations.

Best wishes.