SuperPipper Strategy 7800 pips in 6 weeks


Good morning. My name is Bartolomeo Lattanzio and I am a long-time trader, I spent years creating and designingI am perfecting my trading strategy, now that I consider it completed and not further improved, I am readyto share it with all of you. Follow me in many and tell it to friends and relatives. We make money. Let’s do them together.Given the Zulutrade regulations you can not follow my signals yet but you can start monitoring my profile.
Thank you.


We close the first week of trading with a potential profit of 1600 pips. None of our operations has reached target so all trades remain open on the weekend. Greetings to all. B.L.


In the second week some positions were closed for a profit of 633 pips. We currently have a potential profit of another 800 pips.
Good gain. B.L.


The week closes with an already cashed out profit of 2,100 pips plus a potential gain of another 1,200 pips.
Good earning. B.L.


Good Morning traders. Approaching the end of the fifth week of trades with the strategy Superpipper. If I had followed my signals, to date you would have grossed more than 3000 euros, or 100% of the initial investment. Keep following me and let’s make money together! B.l.


Hello traders. It is agreed the sixth trading week with a total gain of over 5000 euros and almost 8000 pips. Keep following me and we make money together. B.L.