the best signal in zulutrade


Five years of foreign exchange, familiar with various trading strategies,
this signal One order at a time, Only Eurusd
each order with stop profit and stop loss (without any Martin, add position strategy),
15-20 orders per month, monthly income of 15% - 30%,
it is recommended to follow according to the proportion of funds


Your account is exclusively for Pofit Sharing Accounts. I would like to follow you, but can’t due to this restriction.


@ZA2180033: xiazu1314 is nice approach to trading, having ensured a maximum of two opened positions for more than 60 weeks. If you can maintain this strategy of always using reasonable stop loss values with this minimal number of opened positions, you will be among the best. The total profit in pips may not be so high but don’t worry because what matters most in Forex is the ability to achieve consistent and continual profit; the investors can easily increase their lot sizes. Please keep up the efforts.