The best signal provider right now?


Hey, what do you think is the best provider right now?
for me it is magickaito.
i follow him for two weeks now and already made 16% ROI
I am really happy with that result!
Do you have any other traders you recommend?


Hi, I am a beginner to ZuluTrade so was hoping to find a lot of talk on here on these subjects but it seems very quiet.
I follow 4 traders at the moment but only during two weeks. The best results so far are from Chunyffs333
The one you are following though I note has only 13 weeks of history ?

Personally I know we cannot have everything but I would want at least to see the trader doing a year of live trading with a substantial account size to show they have a serious performance.
I have seen a few videos of people showing top 5 traders from a few years ago and all their accounts have been blown so its very hard to find a good trader you can be confident with (noting Forex is RISKY)


Chunny is a great trader!!!