There are no low drawdown signal providers


Why are there no low drawdown traders in top ranking of signal providers? Only grid trading, martingale, open lots of trades at once.


Dear my friend.

I am not with the top traders, but I know I will be there sooner or later. Currently I am at #379.

I trade with low Draw Down (current Draw Down is 68 pips), and never trades martingale, never trade grid. My max open trades is 4.

You can check my profile here:

Maybe you would like to follow me, or maybe you can wait some weeks or months to demonstrate the maturity of my strategy.

have a nice day.


All systems have drawdowns, it’s how you manage those drawdowns that counts. I’ve had occasional large drawdowns but I’m still up 22% this month, in fact I make 15-25% every month for the last few years, I’ve always had drawdowns, I just manage them well.

Do not risk more than you can afford to lose!

Happy trading!

Finger Flyer


@Breakout_Trader_66, These guys comes and go thinking they are the best trader since slice of bread. They tried to show that they have the lowest DD. But once they hits high DD, they are no where to be found. Everyone will have high DD because of the mistakes that they make along the line. So, to me DD does not gauge how good of the trader you are.


Monthly Profit - vs - average or max drawdown is the KEY to preserving capital, implementing an strategy with proven edge, and COMPOUNDING that equity as quickly and safely as possible.
My flagship low risk strategy seems to minimise drawdown quite effectively now that I’ve optimised it over the last year. It has 22 months track record total and now I have migrated this system to Zulu hoping that I can gain more exposure to clients / investors who would like to follow me on the next part of my Journey.

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Multi-confirmation, Multi-timeframe Ichimoku (Kelly Criterion Growth) Strategy


Draw down is mandatory for every trader. Sometimes you have low draw down, sometimes high draw down. What matters is how you handle your drawdowns and recover enough to get back to your feet again. So if you are looking for low draw down signal, be sure to get disappointed. The guys that come claiming that they offer low draw down signals disappear after some time when they hit high draw down, and you'll be left stranded


If you use a tight stop loss like i do, you will have low drawdown. NME $64. Maximum drawdown 257 pips. If you are using a micro lot 0.01( 10 cents per pip) that would be negative $25.70. I don’t have 2000 pips per month, but I am up by 650 pips. That equals 101% ROI in 27 weeks. If you had been following my trades you would have doubled your account in 27 weeks. Of course results are not always the same and I am not saying that I am the best trader.
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