Tips to be a successful investor or follower


Good morning, please find below some tips to be a successful investors:

  1. Adapt the size of the traded lots to the size of your account

  2. Follow the trade strategy at 100% which means that you should follow all the given signals Buy or Sell even if you think that the trader is wrong, because the signals given are based on many criteras that is difficult to understand and this is what makes our strategies successful, so please follow at 100% to take the profit at 100% because if you follow only 50% or else you will risk to take only 50 %.

  3. For those who are new you should be aware about the best time to start following , please be aware that there is a cycle of trading and the best cycles are 01 of the month or 15 of the month

  4. Ones you get in you should stick with the strategy of the trader for at least 3 months to maximize your profits. if you follow the trader only for only couple of days you risk to have limited profit or even bear losses .

  5. be aware of the bumpy period that it can reach up to 200 pips depends on the period and this is what we call DRAWDOWN but no worries after the bumpy period the profit comes back as you can see in the below picture .

The bumpy period before the trend start moving back up again


This is a very useful thread. Thanks for sharing these important tips on how to become a successful investor or follower. I like the points on following the trade strategy at 100% since it makes you win 100% I look forward to more posts