Top zulu trader - disaster (zulu promoting lucky martingales)


The trader has made a disaster on Zulu

From $8 million to $1.7 million following
$1.6 million loss for followers (not completely or all his fault but all the same)

Grid trading EURUSD for one year is possible but just as I know too with my Grid Lite strategy there must be cut off points to preserve capital. There are many problems with Zulutrade, their focus, their highlights, the way they make their income, the traders they promote, the stats they highlight, and the PIP focus instead of Equity / Money / Profit metrics.


Zulutrade bears much of the responsibility to educate investors WHO to follow and HOW to follow with proper money management and risk management

Imagine all the commissions the broker and the signal provider are making without much risk to their own capital.

They keep their own capital / reputation / future earning potential off the table mostly, take big risks with others money to keep the “easy” money flowing, and then when it eventually fails / collapses, do they really feel pain or get hurt?

Zulu is designed to give visibility to lucky martingales, they make volume with lucky martingales because there are many more lucky martingales than good traders.


Very sad to see the disaster provoqued by this trader. -1.7 millions…I can’t imagine what can be done with this huge quantity of money. I could retire for ever.

However the loss is even bigger. Pips Master have 4 different accounts with different broker or risk and the total sum of capital was more than 20 million.

ThePipsMasterUk -
-1,6 million dollars

NightlyPips -
-500.000 dollars

MoonLightPips -
-270.000 dollars

SmartGridSystem -
-536 dollars

Imagine what can a good and responsible trader can do with 20 millions in the long term. This story has been finished in the worst way. Very sad. :pensive:


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J & M Traders


Yes, and Zulu’s current system labels my excellent trading as “risky” which is completely absurd.
What about @ThePipsMasterUK ?
Look at my equity curve of 63 weeks - it is excellent in comparison.
And I have not been paid commissions for my 200 investors in the last 3 to 4 months — since some of my USDZAR trades were over 700 pips drawdown at one stage – all ended profitably by the way.
It is ridiculous – and the management refuses to remedy these foolish and absurd situations!!


Which one looks better to you?
Which strategy should be promoted to investors?
How many investors does each have (currently and historically)?
Followers must be educated on WHICH STRATEGIES are good and HOW TO FOLLOW

  1. @ThePipsMasterUK
  2. @OutsidetheBoxHK