Trader-Investor-Broker Relationship


The Scenario

For Traders, Forex trading is tough. It has ended in frustration for many Traders in spite of their efforts, commitment, and determination to be profitable. As observed repeatedly, Investors and Followers usually pour praises on Traders when the Trader’s performance is excellent, profitable and favorable. However, once the performance of a Trader drops drastically and makes Investors to lose much money, Investors consequently react with unprintable abuses on the Trader. The Forex Broker stands between the Trader and the Investor as a friend to both. While the Broker desires the best for both the Trader and the Investor, an Investor that loses much money can jump to a wrong conclusion and call Forex Trading and the Broker a scam; meanwhile, the same Investor still sees the need for further investment. The Broker provides the platform, defines the rules of the game, plays a mediator’s role and hopes that both the Trader and the Investor will make gains while making some commissions too. As for the Trader, when his best and hopeful strategy is resisted by the complexity of the Forex Market, he may wrongfully pour his frustration against an already aggrieved follower.

The trio need good relationship.


Try your best but don’t hide the risk in Forex trading from the investors and don’t give 100% assurance about the profitability of your strategy. You may also avoid too many opened positions that may give an inexperienced investor a false impression of all greens without knowing that all reds will surely follow. Always bear it mind that the Brokers rules such as: avoid 100% win rate, etc. are meant for your good.


See Forex trading as both an investment and a game, a probably profitable game, and don’t invest an amount that you can’t afford to lose. Study the trader’s strategy thoughtfully and you may start following with a demo account to understand the profitability or otherwise, the risk of the strategy. It is your responsibility to apply a good money management policy to protect your capital. If you find a Trader profitable with your live account, don’t over-trade. If a Trader happens to disappoint you, simply deactivate the Trader or remove him from your portfolio, but be fair with your comments about the Trader. Always remember that many traders are co-investors and they share in both the gain and the pain.


Continue to listen to the advice of both the Traders and Investors and make the best modifications on your platform in the interest of both the Trader and the Investor.

Traders, Investors and Brokers need one another.

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Wonderful explanation,
I totally agree.

However for Investors and Traders:


The answer is simple. If you never want to loose a trade, withdraw money from your broker, delete your trading platform and forget trading.

Loosing is an important aspect of trading as winning is. Every strategy faces losses. If you want to make a living out of trading, you have to get comfortable with taking losses and not try to run away from it.

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