Trader Player One - Join our Strategy!


Hello everyone!

We have just recently join the platform. Our team is highly experienced in various markets. We have connected one of our solid portfolio of strategies.
The specific is trading 2 mainly pairs
We may add even more in the future.
Our Max open trades can reach 10 to 12 but rarely.
Our max dd % on equity is less than 15%.
Its well backtested for more than 3 years.

We will continue updating our thread!


We are still delivering good pips and overall profits.
We are trying to maintain the risk as low as we are able.


Our progression looks good.
We like to keep our risk low.
Soon we will add more pairs to diverisfy our risk.


and we going higher steadily…
The market provides some good trading opportunities.
5 weeks and our ranking is getting better.
Soon we will be able to be followed by EU clients.


…and we are still moving higher without great risk.
We are operating on the platform for 6 weeks.
So we are in the middle to complete 12 weeks and be visible by everyone.
We have delivered equally number of pips…150 per month which is good…

We will keep updating…