Traders with less than 150 pips drawdown


Hello guys,
I want to talk about Zulutrade signal providers and how they all have such a big drawdown.
The reason behind their drawdon is the big SL they use for their trades, and also trying to always close trades in profit, even if that means the trades will run for a very long time with a big drawdown.

Today, I am here as an experienced trader to talk about my own trading strategy, I always set a SL to my trades (20 to 50) pips and my maximum drawdown is less than 150 pips. I have tried this strategy for 6 months in a demo account and it is very profitable. Now, I opened a signal provider account here in Zulutrdae to share my strategy with you guys, please take a look and try to follow me with a demo account for 1 or 2 months to see how good my strategy is.