Traders you should follow


Closing this thread…


“Investors are advised to be cautious with coping-trading two or more strategies in the same portfolio.”

This is what PipsMasters says in his profile. Don’t follow all of his accounts. :wink:


That’s correct. Especially if you don’t have funding to covered the DD. In my case I have enough to follow both accounts at the same time. :wink:


The list has been updated in the OP.


The list has been updated in the OP. Removing Trader from the list.


Understandable, but my recommendation is not based on long track record. It is based on past week activities and a few other things. You’ll be back on it before long, if you are back on track.


@ZuluTradersDesk - Please delete this thread.


lol glad to see this thread ended before my expectations. follow automated systems for long term stable results.


how do you get to see the strategies so one can avoid this. I am new to Forex and to zulutrade



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