Trading Academy Signal Provider 1hr & 4 hr Strategy


Good day everyone. Been trading in the forex market for 5 years now and I have developed 2 strategies. 1 I specifically use during the London session and the other is based of market structure. Feel free to look at my portfolio and PLEASE, ask questions. I love to talk to traders out there and love to help others as well… Lets talk Forex !!!


@Forex Trading Academy Signal Provider. Your strategy looks safe and promising because you open a limited number of positions and you apply stop loss. Please maintain it.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I have very specific rules with my trading strategy. If a trade breaks any of my rules while analyzing the trade then I do not enter. Discipline is key.


Good day everyone (buenos dias),

I just wanted to update everyone on how the signal service is going. So far for the month of May, 10 trades executed and 0 losses. Keep in mind, past results do not guarantee future results. Keep in mind these trades are taken due to the high probability setups that are spotted on the 1hr and 4hr. These setups as seen in my portfolio I very successful. Be advised, I am a very conservative trader, hence why my success rate. We may have several days without taking a trade but, I am constantly monitoring the market and will take advantage of a setup with mitigated risk. Check out my portfolio and ask away with any questions that you may have. Thank you and enjoy this holiday weekend.


Good day everyone. So far 1 week into the month of June and we are already profitable 80+ pips. Expected the CAD currency to become stronger as it is currently in a descending triangular formation and was able to benefit off the move before NFP. REMEMBER, high probability trades ONLY and consistency is the key. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Please feel free to check out my you-tube channel for free educational videos. Have a great weekend.