Trading with micro account in Europe


Hi guys,

Is someone on Zulutrade with a live micro account on MT4?
Can you tell me pls one broker with micro account supported by Zulu Trade?

Thank you.


No Micro Accounts Supported by ZuluTrade



Please contact support for more information.
You are not able to trade less than 1 micro lot per trade.



I am still new to all this matter. All I have understand from that topic that you are trading on MetaTrader 4 platform and that's really it. So please make it all possible anyway. What is micro account there ?Or I need to ask on MT4 ?


Hello my friend I will do my best to answer your question here

About 4 different accounts exist depending on the broker:

  1. Nano
  2. Micro
  3. Mini
  4. Standard

Minimum and Maximum lot size also exist depending on broker ranging from 0.01 - 100.00

Now…what you are really interested in is the pip value; according to the type of account and lot size the pip value could be calculated but as you can tell the combinations would result in different pip values.

Most common offered account is the mini account where:

0.01 lot size = 10 cent per pip
0.10 lot size = $1 per pip
1 lot size = $10 per pip

Hopefully you understand now and can go forward choosing the right account for your trading