Up 70% in 10 weeks


I always use a tight stop loss, and only open 1 trade at a time max. That’s why my strategy has low drawdown, and because there is low drawdown, you can trade with higher lots which adds up to more profits per pip. I am trading on the up and down price swings of the EUR/USD Forex pair. Check out my results at https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375516


An interesting question, Minimum Equity required, could you explain what the figure actually represents that Zulu Trade have on the traders page, I think this is a little misleading but could you explain, HFT


I beg to differ here, treat trading as a business and not as a gambling.

now tell me which business you can do in world with 25 or 250 dollars?

if some one is offering profits with such small capitals be assure it wont last to long.

forex is serious business and to make serious profits you need good amount of capital to start with.


Have to agree on the starting balance, in very rare circumstances and a little bit of luck a trader could start with a very low balance but the journey to substantial profit may take a long time, more often than enough a small balance can be wiped out very quickly, agree with the business side too.


I agree with the other users that starting with small balances ( balance < 100 EUR ) makes no sense.
Of course you can make big profits for a small period of time.

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Good Job Breakout Trader …
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I wish you luck…:slightly_smiling_face:


I also support the use of technical analysis for trades as it is easier andfavorable for new traders as well. EUR/USD is the most stable pair for new traders, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your trading strategy with us


Took a 130 pip profit with a total of 1,547 pips in 49 weeks. Check out my results https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375516


I do like the fact that you really moved on from some points like here were you have been in a total minus and now you are somewhere like in big big read, however I am still here in a lurker mode reading terminology out there for many reasons.