Up 70% or more growth in 4 weeks or Regular growth with low Drawdown?


Hi all,

I am a new ZuluTrader in here. I have just added my EA called The EW Trading on the Zulutrade. I have introduce my system on the another topic. So, I want to write another issue on this topic.

Many people wants to obtain more profits in a short time. I think that this psychology is very normal. However, we can forget some important issues forexample metrics, statistics. All of us can obtain up 70% and more growth in 4 weeks, if we set our risk parameter as high. I mean if we can use big lot size we can gain this percent in 4 weeks. However, we can loss our gain only one week, as well.

According to my experince DD is very very important for long term success and max. deposit load also. Profit factor is important, as well. Many professional traders looks at their performance as a yearly performance. Monthly loss always can be. However, we should in a profit for a year, I think. If I prefer 70% growth in 4 weeks, I can loss my money in a week. And, I must to sleep because of I have not any money to trade for all year.

So… I prefer to use low DD and ma. deposit load to be trader for long term. We like growth however, we should more like statistics, I think.



Difficult to say, but at least for myself I do use regular growth and low drawdown for big accounts and aggressive strategy for low balance accounts. Please take a look over my trading