US Compliant Trader Accounts (New Update)


Looking forward to my US ranking going forward

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hello my second week trading result my us rank reach 36 follow my trade will control drawdown high profit


How can see my ranking in US? I do not know why i can not see my ranking. I am not sure other people can find out me and follow me. Who could tell me my ranking? Thank you.


@VictoriaCA Login into your Trader account with your account name or e-mail address and password.
The information is displayed after the number of Investors under Rank (ALL); Rank (EUROPE); Rank (USA); Rank (JAPAN) as shown below:


Your USA ranking should appear, provided your account is USA compliant.


@1x20_SAFETY_TRADE Please note the previous response as quoted.


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If the simultaneous closing on my account violates the FIFO rules, can I reconfigure my strategy to be taken into account with the same profile in the US rank?
Or would I have to open a new profile?



You dont need to create a new account. However if you violate the rule more than 1 time, then you will be banned permanently.



I have been reviewing the compensation program for traders in the USA and it is limited to a payment of 24 dollars a month per subscription of the investor regardless of the amount that the trader is operating, I understand that the regulation of the NFA is quite strict with associated charges to the investment but I think you can condition the price of the zulutrade service or the signals according to the amount of the capital managed, since it is not the same to operate an account of 300 usd than one of 1000000 usd, but currently it is being paid for investor regardless of the amount and this is not fair.

please improve this, find the legal strategy to be accepted in the regulation because otherwise they will be forced to leave the US market because there are no incentives for traders and without traders there are no investors


They should give adjustments a chance, because sometimes the expert advisors show a correct way of operating in backtest but at the moment of doing it in the real market it does not comply and adjustments are needed, this is normal to happen, if this adjustment is made and complies with I don’t see the norm because it must be permanently banned.

I recommend writing more details about FIFO standards, there is little documentation on the zulutrade page


I just got :: We are sorry to inform you that you have violated the FIFO rule in your latest trade, thus we did not broadcast it to your US Followers.::
is this situation for some time or it is permenant?