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What matters is your performance at the end of the day…let it speak for itself…everything else is just noise!


I think there are many investors who do not know how to work with forex.

A DD in a good Strategy is normal


@VetexMoon, Ignore these nay sayer, any time they see “red” they think it’s taboo. All traders will run into snag and have a bad day. It’s how you recovered is the key to success.

For Example: Like in golf, think of the college coach as your investor. When they come out to see you perform and evaluate your performance, they want to see you get in trouble, and see how you get out of it. How you react to what happens and how fast you can recovered. That’s how they can tell how good you are. Having a perfect track records doesn’t tell them anything other than “yeah, you can be good”.

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Thank you very much for your support, yes this Social contacting is very difficult, Everybody wants only PLUS and Positive, and when strategy working on secure principe , with StopLoss it is difficult explain to theirs…

I know What is positive trading and I want also ONLY positive trades , but it is impossible on secure trading.
I can show and present my BackTest from 15 years … people will NOT understand when do you close 1st negative trades… It is people - ONLY PLUS :slight_smile:

But I working very hard and continue in trading… I have very good support from Zulu people, they trust to this strategy… And I manage to many accounts for funds… They check situation 1x per 1/2 year… :slight_smile:

Thank you


Thank you very much for your patience, we had 2 difficult months but for this time we covered november by december in pips…
Very soon I will write my evaluation of this period and also of all year cooperation with ZULU.

we will stay connected



Wishing you a holiday season full of fun
And a new year filled with prosperity and abundance.