Vortex_EA I challenge you. Would you accept it?


Hi Vortex. In your last post, you expressed doubts about the effectiveness of my trading system and you said that my style of trading is not safe and smooth. I looked at your trading results, your trading style and I said that my trading result is almost 2 times better than yours and I think that according to this parameter you will not overtake me. If you disagree with me, then I suggest you to accept the challenge from me. The difference of trading weeks between you and me is 5, right? If you can make 9000 pips in the next 5 weeks , I will admit that your trading system is better than mine. I hope as a man you won’t refuse my challenge. I hope to hear an answer from you soon.
Oh, by the way, today I have added almost 100 pips extra to my account. Check it: https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/375517/trading


Hello Daily_Great_Swings!

It would interest to be discussed or set up a possible unofficial competition between Traders.
However, the criteria must be solid and fair. Even though the platform is pip-oriented (this will change in the short future), we cannot judge Traders according to their pips-profitability.
Most probably, you must apply more qualitative parameters to compare different trading strategies.

Our regards,

OUTSIDE THE BOX -- Ichimoku Scalping
New Ranking structure
No Traders With Demo Accounts Please
20000 pips per month

When can we expect your Performance Assessment of traders to change?

I advise looking at:

Other social trading platforms have done this long ago, and I have been waiting for Zulu to catch up and realise that in the long term, more happy traders, more happy investors, equals happy broker.
There are much better traders available now on other platforms as far as LONG TERM consistency, profitability in EQUITY terms, and RISK MANAGEMENT with other metrics to measure these:

  1. Pain to Gain Ratio
  2. Sharpe Ratio
  3. Omega Ratio
  4. Average Monthly Profit (equity)
  5. Sortino Ratio


Ok, understood. I just thought it would be a good refresher of your forum. Well, may be we will do it next time :slight_smile:


We will launch the Initial Capital and our new ROI % within this month.
Then we will be ready to upgrade our Ranking and the whole structure.

20000 pips per month
OUTSIDE THE BOX -- Ichimoku Scalping
No Traders With Demo Accounts Please
New Ranking structure

and “risky Trading detected” label.
That is a joke. completely inaccurate.


You clearly have no ideea about how trading works.
It’s not just about who is getting most pips in numbers
You have 30 max orders and a huge max drawdown of 3000 pips and very big daily swings,while our max drawdown is only 655 pips and rarely happening.
How can you challenge me , while we approach an very educated trading with low risk, a NME of just 240 $ ?
We are not here to challenge anyone, we are here to trade profitable for our investors
Keep safe and happy trading !


OutsidetheBoxHK, stop complaining about the “risky trading detected” label for a couple reasons:

  1. Assuming you read the “Trader Guide” you would have seen the " Inappropriate Trading Behaviors" section where it clearly states that “No positions should be allowed to reach losses of 700 pips or more” and using “no stop-losses is not appropriate trading.”
  2. Your stated 15 years experience in professional trading should have taught you that trading exotic currencies can often be very risky, especially when you choose to open multiple exotic pair positions WITHOUT stop loses!

You chose to trade on the Zulutrade platform and, as a professional trader, you should have known the rules and expectations from the very beginning. Zulutrade certainly could make many improvements to their platform which would likely attract more professional traders but in your case they are doing what they clearly said in their trader guide.

I hope the best for you.


Yes, you are right the drawdown was big but once again it was last year before new settings adjustment. Nevertheless all the trades were winners and still they are.: TRADES 470. WINNING TRADES 470 (100%). Moreover, those drawdowns were not due to the fact that the price strongly went against my positions, but because many orders were opened and although the price can go against you only 40-50 points, which is not so bit deal for Forex market, but the Zulu’s algorithm perceives this as something dramatic… and you know that. You are saying: “We are not here to challenge anyone, we are here to trade profitable for our investors”… then just do that! Why do you think you have right to judge anyone’s trading system when you are not asked to? If you are an experienced trader- that’s fine. God has blessed you with the ability to trade… then just trade, be humble and stop judging other traders. Humble mode will help you to avoid similar situation in the future. Good luck!

  1. These rules are currently being changed, due in large part to my dialogue with the creators/managers of this site. The Senior Management team agrees with me. And every week / month that I have to wait is money lost. I trade for profit - full stop – all this other nonsense with counterproductive rules does not motivate me in the least. I don’t change the way I trade, my strategy that has been tremendously profitable for 25 months, for this platform. I trade 8 different accounts and they all receive the same basic style of trading, with different risk allocations.
    You obviously don’t know how to calculate risk.
    All exotic pairs I have traded have ended in profit, and they were MINUSCULE in terms of risk (0.01 lot sizes on an equity value of $6880).
    700 pips on USDZAR at 0.01 lots is approximately $6… yes… six dollars on a $6880 account size!!

  2. Many professional traders do not use stop loss. Another tell tale sign you do not have enough experience to make these claims.

Soon all this pip nonsense and the way traders systems are being analyzed and ranked will change for the better and to bring Zulu in line with best practice in the Trading Industry.


No problem brother, wish you best of trading!
ZuluTrade needs more good traders, because right now it’s full of gamblers that use no stop losses and they follow them blindly


OutsidetheBoxHK, most good traders go through some good and bad trading phases and I hope that your current stats are just an anomaly.

However, since you brought it up I will take you to task on the following:
your profile says “Max open trades: 20” and a “Soft Mental Stop Loss: 125-150 pips per individual trade”

  • you currently have 29 trades open.
  • You currently have 10 USD/ZAR trades open, including several that each exceed 3000 pips drawdown.

How can your followers calculate the risk of your system if you don’t keep your own rules? I can’t know how to calculate the risk in your system as it apparently has nearly unlimited risk. And what risk:reward are you expecting with those USD/ZAR (and USD/JPY) trades?

You mention in this thread that you’d like Sharpe Ratio as an available metric on Zulutrade and I wholeheartedly agree! Presently though your Sharpe Ratio is around 0.10 which is abysmal for a professional account.

I can appreciate your efforts to engage Zulutrade in discussions about needed improvements to their platform. I want the best for you and hope that you and your followers can be successful over the long term.


And I also want to wish you long happy life in trading. God bless you, your nears and dears!


Sharpe Ratio is not calculated in the same way by all sites or all statisticians.
On PsyQuation my Sharpe Ratio is over 2 and on FundSeeder my Sharpe Ratio was ranked in the top 10 of the systems listed on their site. So yes these metrics are important to understand and to calculate correctly and in a standardized way for them to be relied upon. Omega ratio, Pain to Gain ratio, and Sortino Ratio are good too.

zulutrade management is already in process of changing the whole measurement system.
measurements on drawdown, profitability, etc will all be based on equity. which is how institutional traders and fund managers all work and is how I work for all my clients (Zulu included)
AUDUSD and EURUSD pips are completely different risk and value and profit than USDZAR and USDTRY value/risk/profit. My rules / guidelines were made for the Major Currency Pairs. And all risk management is based on Equity.

**There are much better algorithms that have proper weightings of ranking and performance metrics that are calculated in a much more trustworthy way on

@OutsidetheBoxHK has 204 investors on Zulu and 50 Fund clients, and 50 other trade copier investors on other platforms. This is largely due to the excellent 25 month track record I have painstakingly built and managed and designed.

The losses of my Zulu investors were NOT incurred as a result of my closed trades on the master account, as followers were using different risk management and closing trades prematurely, not adhering to the strategy I am managing as the strategy provider.

This is clear by the current overall equity chart below.
see zulu management comments below, written just this week:



How has it been going with your investors / trading?


I think such a challenge, between two trading giants, would be real fun!
Maybe Zulu could set the criteria. The winner would get the losers compensation. If there is any, Hahaha.:wink: Whatsoever, I´d like it.

me-shining like a new dime


Yes I too like competitions.
A bit like race car driving.
Right now I am ranked #1 in the NZ’s Top Trader competition that AxiTrader is running.


Hello Guys!

We have repeatedly said that we are not allowing advertising our direct competitors here.
Please kindly respect this.



Sorry, hadn´t heard it before, but makes absolute sense. Won´t happen again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: