VorteXz EA - Coded by professional trader with 10+ years trading experience


Hello everybody
We are proud to present you VorteXz EA - Coded by professional trader with 10+ years trading experience
It’s been set-up and running with final settings/code since October 2018, having already a 11 weeks track record.

Link : https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/376989/trading

-3440+ pips

  • Max drawdown less than 20%, only 644 pips
    -Max open trades : 8
    -Profitable on every asset traded
    -Trading a LIVE account, with REAL money on it ! We don’t just trade DEMO money and hope to have a good run on ZuluTrade :slight_smile:
    -We already have our first follower which made a total of 59$ profits by following us

-We aim to produce 100-200 pips per month,while keeping a very low drawdown , less than 20% of total profits, so the account exposure and risk is very low

VorteXz Signals is a team of professional traders with over 10 years of experience in forex, commodities, binary options , EA development and so on.
EURJPY strategy fully automated by our trading EA, focuses on long-term trading and searches for solid trends breakouts.

We are trading our own LIVE account with a consistent deposit
Only a maximum of 7 trades can be opened at the same time
Fully automated, follows strict rules
Backtested in MT4 Strategy tester for the last 10 years

Feel free to follow with only a demo for a while and see the results for yourself, and/of if you feel ready you can start following with real money !

Good luck and we wish you happy new year !


Sorry, I forgot to post trader link:



good luck and Happy Trading


Thank you !
3695 pips reached :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching VorteXz for 9 months and this is one of the best strategies i saw in forex market. The maximum drawdown is very low which is really great. I hope you keep it in the same lines and have a great 2019 with a lot of pips.


Hello dear investors !
We are proud to have reached 3800+ pips and 20.000 $ + ammount following !


Newest achievements :

  • 4000 pips profits in just 14 weeks
  • 360 % ROI
  • 50.000$ + ammount following


1st of all congrats for VorteXz EA !
I am a VorteXz EA follower and I’m confident in this prodigyous run to the top.
Seems like VorteXz EA , projects my imagination on the smartphone’s display!


Thank you for your trust and follow !
Yes, we plan on going straight to the top of the ZuluTrade leaderboard !


-Rank #52 , up on leaderboard from #124
-4150 pips profits in 15 weeks
-90.000$ + ammount following and growing each day !


Well done VortexXz EA!
Please keep us informed about your strategy!




We just had an interview with ZuluTrade desk:

We have reached a 200.000$ ammount following and we keep growing each day!
Wait no more and start following us today, making you one of the early-adopters !


If anyone has any questions we are more than glad to answer !


Today we have reached 4400 pips in profits
More and more people are interested and see the potential of our trading program so our ammount following has grown to 388,000 USD and keeps growing each day

Like we stated before, we are here for those who understand trading is a long-term business and they should approach a safe money-management.
Our 10 years of trading experience tells a lot about us, we know how to handle tough market conditions and we can surpass any drawdowns with ease and patience.
Unlike other traders here, we don’t keep positions open forever when they go against us and hope we will get green some day but instead we use very tight stop losses in order to minimize drawdowns as much as possible, because we know we can recover them and make more profits! :slight_smile:

Feel free to follow us with a demo or a real account if you feel confident in our strategy !


Hello everybody !
Today we have launched our 2nd Trader account, VorteXz Thanos Gauntlet ! In this trader account we focus on trading GBP/USD pair on 1hour chart time-frame with a trend following system and a trailing stop loss.
Same as on this account, we use a very safe system and tight stop losses in order to minimize drawdowns as low as possible
Because it is very newly launched, it needs at least 12 weeks before it can be copied by European users, but everyone else can feel free to copy anytime they like ! :slight_smile:
The trader account can bee seen here:


We haven’t updated this page in a while, since our last update on 4th march about this trader account we have reached 5095 pips , an increase of almost 700 pips in just 1 month.
Ammount following is at almsost 2.000.000 $ and our drawdown is still as low as 655 pips


Hi VorteXz EA;
I have been followed you.
Now i want to deposite more money to join Pro-rata. Is It ok?
I hope get about 10-15% profits per month.


Hello We recommend Fixed Lots instead of pro-rata
For pro-rata we recommend VorteXz Thanos Gauntlet : https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383349/trading
This is a newer EA we developed and will work great with pro-rata


Update :
VorteXz EA reached today 5,400 pips profit , while we kept the max drawdown as small as 655 pips, meaning our risk is very small if you use proper money management and have patient to overcome drawdown periods.

Also, we have surpassed 2,000,000 $ in ammount following, placing us in top of the most followed traders from ZuluTrade Community !


2 mio amount following…that is super!