We are back! Veteran Zulu account!


After almost 2yrs away, we started dedicating time and effort here, to rebuild one of the most successful accounts in zulu, not to boast but we are one of the very few accounts that didnt lost money overall for our followers. This is the most important factor for me as a professional money manager, not to lose money, performance might be lower than the meteoric % numbers we used to see from time to time here, but we all know how it ends, and it ends badly…

So in order to revive this account, we traded a bit too risky, so from now own the risk is gonna be to normal levels.

We will try to stick strictly to the following rules.

  1. Small positions per pair, max 5 as we favor the scale in/ scale out approach
  2. Stop loss will be less than 100pips
  3. max 2 pairs simultaneously open

Lets see how this works out. You can follow us here


Stay tuned for more to come!


Welcome back Gpifxprofit!
Hopefully you will perform even better this time!
Have you changed anything with your strategy?



We3 have fine tuned our strategy, the core will still be trend following in combination with support and resistance levels to catch intraday moves…Thank you all for your support!


Welcome back to Zulu Trade platform, the place where like minded traders meet to manufacture wealth. lol. I believe you’ve realised a lot has changed, and I hope you’ll be able to add more value here. I’m longing for more of your posts as I want to follow your strategy