Week#1 = 2500 pips
Dear trader and investors, let me introduce my trading strategy which is still new with Zulu. Basically I am a trader for long time and is interesting to share my unique system via Zulu as you can see in my history https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128 , so far I have made more that 2500 pips in my first week. Here I just want you to review my trading results before following my strategy as I recommend not to follow me until enough time for me to proof that this system is worth for medium and long term. Good luck.


Dear Investors, today is another good day as my strategy is still consistent making some more pips in week#1 as much as more than 400 pips. Hope it will continue adding more and more pips in the next Week#2. Please review the result here for your reference. https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128


Welcome on board Badraoyog!

Could you please provide more info about your trading system?
Are you operating this on a real account? Is this the first time?
If not, we like to have more stats concerning your past performance.

The Investors will highly appreciate this.



Dear Investors, yet another good day during Asian season this morning, my strategy again gives me additional 80 pips for weekend. Please check the result here for your reference. https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128 . Thank you and have a good weekend.


Dear Zulu Desk,
I appreciate for your questions. My trading system is fully manual based on pairs correlation and using statistical arbitrage. Ideally I have to open 2 positions both long and short in the same time but by doing this I need more capital, that’s why I decide to pick one of them that have strong movement after zero synchronization in between two correlated pairs.
The second question is yes I trade with my real account but it is not connected directly with Zulu. The pairs I trade in my real account is just the same to what you can see in my zulu-trades. This is the first time sharing my strategy with Zulu and hope my it will consistently meet the goal “Weekly Stable Pips Growth” . Thank you and sorry for my limited English.


Dear Investors and reviewers, This is my first day of Week#2 and glad to inform you that again my system still continue making profit by adding more than 300 pips today. Please review and see the result in my history https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128. I still recommend not to follow me until it is proofed for a couple more weeks and let’s see how many more pips this system will make on this Week#2. Thank you and Happy trading.


Dear Investors, again today during Asian season my system has shown its consistency by making another 300 pips and more we will see till the end of the Week#2, hope it will always stay on the goal “Weekly Stable Pips Growth”. Good luck and happy trading. https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128


Dear Investors and offline-followers, yesterday was holiday in my country and I could not focus on trading but spending day-off and enjoy the breeze with a good taste coffee. But last night the system (again) gives us more than 350 pips which is not to bad. Hope today and tomorrow will be more pips added to the account before weekend and let’s see how many pips in total we can make for 2 weeks. Thank you and have a good day. https://www.zulutrade.com/trader/383128